Monday, July 18, 2005

the rules of disengagement

I spent Sunday disengaged. I spent Saturday night disappointed, which led to my disengagement. I woke up with battle scars on my heart and thought about ways to facilitate healing. Nothing immediately came to mind. My head was full of fog. But somewhere inside, I knew the rules for disengagement and self care. I recommend them. Feel free to use them when you need to disengage. They work for me.

1. Call your mother...she will always make you feel better.
2. Call your best friend...she knows what will help (In my case it was a pint of Ben and Jerry's and Harry Potter.)
3. Turn off the phone.
4. Stay in your most comfortable pajamas all day long (white cotton works for me).
5. If you have bunny slippers...
6. Drink coffee with sweet cream.
7. Eat Campbell's soup.
8. Cuddle up on the floor or the sofa with your dog. Enjoy his warmth, softness, quietness and wet nose.
9. Nap.
10. Watch old movies.
11. Nap.
12. Don't think about the cause of your disengagement.
13. Don't think about the effect of your disengagement.
14. If you feel inclined, take a twilight walk. If not, don't.

What might have been a miserable day was magically transformed into a retreat of the spirit. Good for the soul...and the ice cream...perfect.

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