Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gift giving

When he offered his company over coffee, he was unaware of the weight of the task before him - the fragility of a healing woman's heart. Hope and confidence were at stake. Unknowing, or perhaps with the kind of knowing that comes deeply and below the consciousness, he accepted the challenge.

With a simple smile his face said, "I'm glad to be here." With inquisitive questions, his gentle voice said, "You're interesting." His honesty said, "I respect you," and by staying longer than he intended, he said, "You're worthy." The casual encounter was an affirmation of hope. Just coffee? I think not.

It came simply and unexpectedly. Not too carefully wrapped or tied neatly in silk ribbons - this priceless gift.

Whatever form or shape emerges from the collision of two lives in time, this gift has been honorably given and graciously received. Life unfolds, tension eases, wounds heal, hope springs.

With gratitude.

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