Friday, July 29, 2005

Love calls

Poetry from another time...

Love calls to me
a moon
glimmering on indigo nights
distant and full
orb of light and promise
even star sparkle fades in your glory

I dream of you
fear you
keep you in dark sky
where you are only
wish and memory

You cannot touch me
but shadows you cast
on irridescent skin
remind me of the dance once danced
in your gossamer gaze

With lover and friend
safe and sure
my unrehearsed steps passionate and playful
Wrapped in your glow
I was one with another and you and full

Night was as day
indigo fading like denim
forever washed in crystal tears
Soft and warm against flesh
leaving me light blue

Love calls to me
a moon
My arms stretch through miles of sparkling darkness
I answer
I touch your face

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