Monday, July 11, 2005

Coffee Pot Zen

So my Aunt Jean sent me a little 5-cup coffee pot when I moved into my new apartment. I was touched. She knows the importance of my morning coffee. Turns out she bought five of them when they were on special at HSN. So like her. She's precious. I was a perfect recipient - living alone in a small space. Turns out it is the perfect size. If I use a large mug...I can fill it twice with some left over. When I feel the need, I make a second pot.

There is just one small challenge. Not a morning person, I am often impatient when I pour the coffee. Pour too fast, and coffee drips down the front and onto the countertop. Puddles of the precious commodity get wiped away leaving stains on the dish rag.

Because I think there is a reason for everything, I begin to ask myself, "What is the message in this?" I contemplate and realize that there are many things I do without thinking, including pouring the coffee. I light a cigarette and find it burning in the ashtray - thoughtless. I walk the dog without enjoying the morning sky and the birdsong. I pull back the sheets and get into the bed without appreciating the scent of freshly washed cotton or the softness of the pillow on which I lay my head. That little pot has taught me to observe - to savor the moments of my life.

This morning I pulled out my favorite "happy bunny" mug - I looked at it and smiled. Then I poured my coffee - slowly and thoughtfully. I didn't let my mind wander. Attentive, I poured my coffee into the mug. No drips, no mess, no stained dishrag.

Thanks for the lesson Aunt Jean.

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