Thursday, July 07, 2005


The world has been plunged again into fear by "extremist" bombers in London - randomly taking human life. We live in a world where life's sanctity spirals into scarcity. Those with power get to decide who lives and who dies, based on a set of what they believe to be universal moral values. Ironically, these values seem to change based on who's doing the deciding, and what serves those with power. We allow people to starve as we create weapons to destroy life. We talk about pro-active wars. "Get them before they get us." Yet they will continue to get us, despite all our preparations, we are no safer from death than we were four years ago. Our airport security screenings and color-coded terror alerts only foster the fear that leads to more death - separating us from them.

I wish I knew who they were. But intuitively I know that they are us. We impose our beliefs on those we seek to save, thinking that he who carries the biggest stick or shouts the loudest will win the battle of wills. The voice of the bomb is a loud one. It carries the power of fear. Listen to it and it will win. Like the cry of a baby, it seeks comfort, acceptance, satiation. Would we put a knife through its heart to silence it? Or would we feed, clothe and nurture it?

I've been called a liberal. I don't even know what that means anymore. I'd rather be called a lover of life, a seeker of truth, a harbinger of joy, a cry for peace. I want to be one who sees that every action I take indeed affects every other being on the globe. The wings of the hummingbird, you know.

What I know is that global unrest is mine and yours. Undermine it in your silent visualization of peace. Change it with a giving hand. Soothe it with a loving heart. Let it grow into global rest.

I send blessings and comfort to those who have lost loved ones in London this morning. The earth weeps tears of blood yet again.

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