Friday, July 08, 2005


I've been thinking a lot about time, and the pointlessness of measuring it the way we do. Clocks seem to rule the lives of most people I know, which is why I think they're always tired.

I'm trying to live without clocks for the most part. My sister laughs at me for this, and is always looking for a clock when she's visiting.

I don't need an alarm clock. My dog wakes me up with his cold, wet nose every morning by 7. Though I resist, he's very persistent. I stumble to the dog food and start the coffee in the place between sleep and wakefulness. Very few days do I have an early appointment. I know myself well enough that I keep my mornings free. I like quiet in the morning. Nature noises are okay. Lawnmowers and phones are not. I don't like to speak out loud before 9. I don't think anyone should. Between 7 and 9, I run through a morning routine that has become comfortable. It begins with writing "morning pages" - thank you Natalie - followed by some reading and meditation. When this time is disrupted, the entire day may be doomed.

I think there should be gentler ways to measure time. It seems to me that when the sun comes up it signals the beginning of the day. Slowly it rises over the horizon, allowing all creatures to come to terms with waking in their own way. And as it lowers itself at twilight, the air cools and the darkness comforts us and tells us it's time to rest.

Our bodies are also great replacements for clocks. My stomach tells me when to eat instead of the clock. Just because the clock says noon, doesn't mean I need to eat.

Animals get it I think. They would laugh at us if they were smart enough to figure out just how we let clocks rule our day. They just know when to wake up and when to sleep and eat. Our great minds, which set us apart from them, have distorted what comes natural.

I suppose some would say that not being ruled by the clock is a luxury. If so...I must be rich!

My internal clock is ticking...gotta go...

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