Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Living in Limbo

Limbo - an orchestrated dance in which one sinks lower and lower just slipping under the bar without falling over. Music blares in the background, drowning out every conscious logical thought. And finally, we fall, unable to sink any lower. One has to wonder why we frantically seek to achieve such a low level - our peers cheering us on as we melt to lower ourselves.

I'm tired of the old dance. Time to choose new peers, to set the bar higher and higher and see how far I can fly above it. I shake the sand from between my toes, buy some new dancing shoes that bounce and reach for clouds and sky. I hear the silence of uninterrupted air and race the wind. The wing of a hawk clips my shoulder and I can see where I wallowed. The vantage point is much better from here. From this view the possibilities are endless and the universe filled with promise and light.

This new dance has no name. I will call it immense and stretch to its rhythms. I will touch the sun.

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