Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I walked with you this morning. In the quiet of the rebirth of day, your face reflected dawn, rosy and light. Softly your feet moved across the, then the other, leaving little evidence on dewy grass. Busy mockingbirds went about their business as soundless raindrops fell into the stream. You noticed the turtles, slipping down the bank, and stopped to observe. The breeze fingered your hair and carelessly, you brushed it from your skin.

Did you know I was there? That I watched, your face familiar to me? Your gentleness is a memory that has been reborn in me. The ease with which you walk comforts me. I would like to know you again, in every moment. I would like to find you in times of anger, of sadness, of pain. For your peace comforts me.

I embrace you. Filled with warmth I accept your joy, your inquisitive nature, your gentle spirit. I pull you into my very center and we become one again, as we were. For you are me, in a simpler time and space. I step in unison with you. The journey back to myself has begun and a simple wish has made it so.

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