Thursday, January 26, 2006

new perspective

I took the my age it's inevitable for most people. Things begin to get fuzzy when you look at them too closely. I've been on the ragged edge of wearing bifocals for a year or two, but as I get more comfortable with growing up, and trying to do everything I can to make my life simpler, admitting the need for new glasses was a easy choice.

So yesterday I walked into Sears optical, sat in front of a cheerful technician, and tried them for size. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw little difference from my old glasses. I tilted my head up and down and noticed the difference. It was slight, but certainly made the tiny words the tech held in front of me much easier to read. Okay...this would work. And with progressive lenses, no one would be the wiser. My age would remain my secret.

I got out of the chair took my first steps. This was a little more interesting. As long as I didn't look down, things were okay, but peering through the lower portion of the lens made my feet want to do unusual things. I figured it was a good idea to take a walk through the mall before attempting to drive myself home - let my eyes adjust a bit.

It was an adventure, and at times, while I looked through racks of clothes I didn't buy, I had to remind myself that I could read the price tag without taking off my glasses. Huh - this might be a good thing.

The drive home was effortless, normal, no looming vehicles or blurry road signs. And when I walked the dog later, I realized that my feet no longer wanted to do unusual things. Funnier than that, I realized that I felt much taller when I looked down, as the lenses made the sidewalk seem a bit further away. At 5'3" - okay, 5'2 1/2" - this is a totally new feeling for me.

My new glasses fit perfectly in the life I am rediscovering. With or without them, I have a new perspective. The world seem clearer, the simple challenges of life are in focus now, and I'm walking much taller. Who'd of thought that growing up would look this way?

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