Wednesday, January 10, 2007

waiting for snow

South Dakota, they say, is a snow lover's dream. But I have yet to experience this phenomenon. While I did enjoy one pretty terriffic snowfall last spring, (I use that term lightly), this winter has been virtually snow-free - at least in Sioux Falls.

I think it might be unbelievably cool to build a real snowperson again, and make angels and have a mini-snowball war. I am after all a peacelover at heart. We get wind and predictions, and if we're lucky, a light dusting of white that virtually disappears with the warmth of the afternoon sun.

And so I wait, and I wonder if it was all a prevarication.

In the meantime, someone, somewhere is enjoying the snow. Don't get me wrong...the Denver deluge is more than I want. Just a foot or so would satisfy my cravings and inspire me to walk in the moonlight. I remain uninspired.

Shall I go farther north? Rumor has it that it has been snowing there. Must I travel to enjoy the shimmer and crispness of fresh snow? To watch the flakes fall through beams of light and gently land on my tongue as I lift my face to the sky? Or shall I wait for the perfect Saturday morning? One day I will wake up and rub my eyes, not believing as I look through my bedroom window that fate has finally smiled on me and given me a snowfall worth waiting for. On that morning, I will slug down my first cup of coffee, put on my snowpants, and head to the park. I will hear the crunch under my boots and revel my luck.

For now I suppose I will sit by the window and wait...

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GEWELS said...

Thanks for such a nice post on Betty Jean and Spain. I,too, have only been once. And, would live there in a heartbeat, as well. I'm Italian and had always thought Italy the most beautiful country. But now I know it to be Spain.
The good photos are on film- so, had to post the less than desirable ones that were on digital. Maybe I can scan the shots of the gypsy Flamenco dancers in their caves. That was a sight to behold.
As far as Barbara- I think she's happy simply nurturing her organic garden these days. Her writing is magical, though. I do miss it. The last book of hers (which I read) Small Wonders were essays on our planet. Not magical, but thought-provoking to be sure.

And, sadly, no snow here yet either. Snow Angels would be a nice outlet right now for me. Thanks for the idea. Am waiting patiently for those flakes.

Thanks for the comments. I look forward to them.