Friday, January 26, 2007

happy new house

I was watching a movie last night and the wife in the movie was saying that somewhere along the line, romance becomes the business of marriage. Today, I will take a step toward this "business" of marriage. Today we are closing on our new home. I'm not afraid of this. It makes sense in my world. What I fear is the "business" of marriage. I love the life I have in the SLRH with my SO. If buying a house changes the bliss, it will really piss me off.

So I'm committed not only to buying this new home, and getting married, but more than anything to keeping it from becoming business. I will tear the wallpaper off in the bathroom in joyful swoops and will not get upset if everything doesn't go just the way it's supposed to. If it takes weeks to make it look good, so be it. Life shouldn't be so serious.

I spent many years of my life thinking a lot about ways to stay in control of every little avoid any chaos. The message in this for me is that life is too short to be in control...I want to be zen, and to bend and stretch with the situations life affords me. I want to take it as it comes. And so this is the real commitment I make today when I sign my name.

My consultation with the angels today confirmed that "happily ever after" is indeed possible - when you keep the "happy" in it, find joy in the mundane, find bliss in a returned smile or touch. I think in fact that happiness is something we find ways to allude without realizing it. What's the point in creating things to be worried about. Life does indeed happyn (yes you can find happy in happen) if you let it. And behind the most innocuous dusty corner, one may find a little gem of joy.

One giant step for me...over the edge and into the unknown. Whew, what a ride.


LionSpeaks said...

**I love the life I have in the SLRH with my SO. If buying a house changes the bliss, it will really piss me off.**

Now Mer<*{{{House&Home}}}--< Maiden

You and I both know that * Bliss* is not in the boards that surround you! The bliss is what is being nurtured in the depths of your soul and in the heart and core of Steve. Sign, Swoop and Swoon at the wonders of your life today!

Shifting from sunny balcony coffee mornings in Huston to SLRH presented you with bliss.... SLRH to WOOHOO MermaidLagoo!!!!! will bright you what you allow to move into your spirit!

Enjoy the packing... you never know what treasures you will discover... or what refuse you can now leave behind!

Love and Hope

LionSpeaks said...

bring... I meant bring lol
but hey... bright is also needed! So open every windowshade and enjoy peeling that paper off!
< big Lion~* grin!>

GEWELS said...

Congrats on the new house. This will definitely make you feel settled and moving forward.
I've been in my "new" houe for 27 years and, unfortunately, it's still not "done". Actually the process of working on it is the real fun (as well as a bit of frustation). And happy accidents have occurred.Things haven't always turned out the way I envisioned but, often better.

Happy adventures await you!!!