Monday, May 08, 2006

monday morning

Sunday night we had ice cream for dinner. I know this seems wrong, in light of the recent "healthy living" commitment, but some days, a girl's just got to be flexible. After sleeping in later than normal, we hit the ground running, and finished many chores on the infamous list. When 5 o'clock came, we were dog tired and I was still wet from a confrontation with the pressure washer.

And so I had a hot fudge sundae; his was strawberry. It was his suggestion, and I didn't have the inclination to disagree. Nothing made more sense to me after a busy and sunny day.

My old life was not nearly as flexible. And thinking about it makes me think I was crazy, always being sure that everything was always in perfect order and on schedule. It's one memory I'd rather forget, but won't, since it will help me make my new life better than the old. Spontaneity did not exist for me in my old life. In fact, anything out of order created chaos and eventually some sort of explosion. Not fun and not me.

My new life has no real rules, though I remain committed to speaking my truth and upholding my boundaries. Having ice cream for dinner does not fall outside these boundaries, nor does sleeping in on a weekday, feeding the dogs later than usual, or leaving dirty glasses in the sink. The old me would have felt guilty - the new me has no problem with these.

In fact, here in my new life, I have the opportunity to create a life that is filled with spontaneity. The unexpected pleasures of life make me smile, and remind me that nothing - absolutely nothing - is set in stone. In fact, it's much better to live a life that throws you a curve now and then. I do not miss the hard edges - they left me bruised and tending wounds that are still healing. And if eating a hot fudge sundae for dinner doesn't make you smile, well, it's time to rethink life. Mine will be amorphous and suprising and every once in awhile, I'll do the dishes.


Doris Fisher said...

Hey there Melissa!

I would have never guessed you were so schedule oriented before
Sioux Falls. You had me fooled.

As for ice cream for dinner...what a great way to end a day. And with your buddy, what could be better?

LionSpeaks said...


I think you have found your
* new* land legs and are standing up quite well! The swim across the ocean to new land has allowed a new birth that has awakened your soul from its former... space held in the seaweed.
Very proud to watch you move forward in joyful freedom... you allow yourself well to be your very own self!
Much love and encouragement in sharing a speck of life with you!
Love Lion~*SmilingPaw

LionSpeaks said...

"We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."

- Paulo Coelho

Just found this and wanted to gift you with it... cause you are living the miracle so nicely!
Love Lion~*AllowItPaw