Friday, May 19, 2006

backyard zen

I regularly refer to my new residence as my shitty little rent house (SLRH), but the truth is, I do like it, despite the threadbare carpet and the ugly wallpaper in the kitchen. I guess that it, like me, needed a little tlc, which I give whenever possible.

The yard here (SLY) was also pretty neglected, with weeds growing everywhere, bare dirt where grass should be, and flower beds that were just waiting for a plant or two to take root. And so that has been the project of the week. Last night we made great strides, working the soil, planting hyacinth and daylily bulbs, and feeding the peonies. Steve planted two red rose bushes in whiskey barrels - one for next to the front door, and one for the backyard. And we're not finished yet. We will plant wildflowers along the back fence, and fill in the bare spaces in the yard, put wind chimes in the trees, and convert an old cigar ashtray into a bird feeder.

Seems like lots of work for a SLY, no? Maybe it is, but my way of thinking is that the space that surrounds you should be a reflection of who you are. I want to be able to open the door, walk outside and find a place that inspires me, attracts the wild things, and leads me to serenity. Steve says it seems a little crazy to put so much time and energy into this place, when we probably won't be here that long...but I say, you should always leave a space, knowing that it is better for your being there. Perhaps after we move away from the SLRH, someone will walk in the backyard and say it's beautiful, and notice how the birds and butterflies love it here. And I will smile and know that this space is better because I walked on the grass and nurtured the growing things.

Found a yard gnome in front of a friends house. She doesn't love him, or have any intention of keeping him and is willing to give him up. He's seem lots of winters, and will need a little cleaning up, but I'm sure he'll love his new space in the SLY, reclining next to the peonies.

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