Thursday, September 29, 2005

the cards

A few years ago I was introduced to "the cards." They were beautiful, featuring angelic figures and winged fairies. And I was told, if you ask them (these angelic messengers from the other side) questions, with reverence and trust, then pull a card, they will provide guidance.

So it began as a sort of mystical fun game. I would get together with my friends Lynnette and Sally, and we would see what the angels had to say about one thing or another. Many times we pulled cards and laughed. They seemed to know the right answers, and if we were honest with ourselves, they only affirmed things we knew intuitively.

When I got my own set of cards, the game became more serious. With trust came a sort of compulsion to act on the guidance. This sometimes set wheels in motion that needed a push of the divine sort. I would pull a card that indicated a need to take better care of my body, so I joined a yoga class. This I found was a perfect exercise for me, since I wasn't one to go to the gym. Then later, a card would say "new opportunity," and a new contract job would present itself. And so it went for a couple of years.

Reverently pulling these cards became a part of my daily routine. Just after writing my morning journal pages, and just before enriching my soul with some inspirational reading, I would ask for guidance and pull from my deck of "the cards".

They became especially important in times of unease. Often the angels would let me know that they supported me, leaving me crying gentle tears and feeling their presence in my life.

Which brings me to Tuesday night. Filled with the excitement at the prospect of a new relationship, wondering about a old one, and feeling a little wanderlust, I consulted "the cards" for some insider information.

I was struck by the clarity of the message...they certainly affirmed what I think I knew all along. They reminded me that I had truly manifested good in my life, and they urged me to move forward fearlessly.

I was left with the overwhelming sense of peacefulness and joy, certain that I was on purpose. They allowed me to trust that my feelings were true, and gathered me up in their graceful wings while I smiled at their presence in my life.

As I write this they send positive energy and ask me to include the following: to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

I'm not sure why they wanted me to write the above. Perhaps I should pull one of "the cards" to find out.

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