Thursday, September 08, 2005

random thoughts...

First thought...If we have the means to help the survivors of the New Orleans flood and Katrina by finding them subsidized housing, jobs, food, water, etc., then why couldn't or didn't we help the impoverished with housing, jobs, food, water, etc., BEFORE the hurricane blew in?

Second thought...I spent the weekend on the Frio River and thought it would be a peaceful weekend. I was wrong. What I learned it to be discerning about who I travel with, that alcohol abusers are NOT harmless, and that I'm still testing the waters when it comes to speaking my truth. What I learned is that I can be detached when necessary, and there is strength in that. And I learned that no matter where I am or how unpleasant the situation, I need only ask for protection from negative energy and help will fly in on angel's wings.

Third thought...Even when backed into a corner of the bottom bunk, there's nothing like your dog to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Fourth thought...There are so many awesome places I've never been. The earth is a magical place and transformation is everywhere.

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