Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Creating a new vocabulary

Okay, I believe.

Those of like minds who shall remain nameless in this post have often said that the only key to manifesting what you want is to accept that it is truth. And though I believed it in theory, a piece of me had a hard time with it here in the third dimension. But somehow over the last few months of healing and taking back my power I began to see unmitigated evidence that it must be true.

The walls that held me from discovery and excitement, passion and emotional bliss have developed cracks big enough to walk through. And while they remain a little narrow, I've managed to squeeze through to the other side. And oh, how I'm enjoying the view and the fringe benefits.

For me the key will be to remain open and non-judgmental. I must refrain from falling into old patterns and place no boundaries or expectations on recent developments or relationships that unfold before me. While this is difficult, it occurs to me that it's simply more fun this way. And I find myself doing things I feared in the past, things that didn't fit my own perception of myself, things that were formerly "not okay."

What I've learned is that these things are not only okay - but can be amazing. And my old perception of myself was an illusion created to take the surprise out of life. As long as I stayed inside the allowable boundaries, I could pretty much be assured of secure and predictable results. "Secure" and "predictable" are words that I am at this very moment tossing from my repertoire. They will from this point on be replaced with the words "pleasant surprise" and "WOW."

And Steve, if you're reading this...Thanks for the pleasant surprises and the WOW. You're a great teacher.

Now isn't that much more fun?

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