Saturday, December 02, 2006


Just got back from Ohio on the whirlwind Thanksgiving vacation. Always good to see family...always good to get home. The news of course is the weddings - mine and Heather's. One full day of shopping secured both a wedding dress for me and my bridesmaids. And after spending the afternoon here in Sioux Falls looking for other options, I've decided that I'm done shopping for dresses. And so it's on to measurements, etc. In the meantime, I didn't remember just how many things there are to take care of.

Logistically, this wedding is almost impossible. But I think I do have the solutions - at least some of them. And Deb is a great sounding board. (Sorry Deb, but you've just become the first mate for this voyage.)

There are decisions to make about everything, and with the purchase of the house pending and Christmas around the corner...I'm not sure which way is up. My angels remind thing at a time...and so I need to regroup and handle each of the things on my to do list, but I should make one first.

Steve is working this morning, which is good, because I have time to think. Wait...maybe that isn't a good thing. On top of everything else, I find myself extremely emotional, no matter what I'm doing. I feel on the brink of tears at least once every hour. I look for a few Christmas decorations for the SLRH, I tear up. I look at the bridal stores, I tear up. I think of Steve, I tear up. The dog curls up on my lap, I tear up. I know what you're thinking and the answer is no - the only PMS here is PreMaritalShakiness. It's like a nasty little STD that won't go away.

Not sure how this will all pan out. I'm trying to remember that the most important thing is to live each day for the joy of it. And so, I suppose I will do this. But first I'll make a list. At least it may calm the jitters.

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