Thursday, December 14, 2006

new puppy day 3

Her name is Dori, and I'm sure it was a tough life for her prior to her adoption. She lived in a house with three adults, four little kids, two cats and a bunny. Needless to say, her needs didn't always come first. And she was nervous, always nervous. And now she has a new home and she's totally adjusting. I'm not sure she likes sleeping in the kennel while Buddy curls up on his own pillow next to the bed or sharing her food. But other than that, I think she's pretty happy. And she is no longer nervous. The new puppy thing wasn't nearly as hard as I'd imagined. She and Bud get along just fine. The cats hate her, so they stay out of the way for the most part. They do hiss and paw at her when she gets too close, but they can retreat to their upstairs apartment for peace.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy...everything moving so fast and I continue to make changes. Just when I adjust to the idea of one new thing, another appears. Perhaps the lesson in all of this is to stay flexible, and to know that all of the "stuff" doesn't really matter at all. The sun rises and night falls, and each day is full of discoveries, and that's life. I asked the Universe for some adventure, and now, everyday there is a new one.

This morning I am tired. Don't feel like working. Feel like crawling back in the bed and catching a few more hours sleep. But I won't. The Christmas music in the background helps. I am trying to stay in the spirit, but my deadline looms and my shopping isn't even close. There are still cards I'd like to send. But what gets done will get done, and the rest will not. And the sun will rise and night will fall.

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