Saturday, November 19, 2005

who am I?

As I wrote in my journal this morning, I began to ask myself who exactly I am. I know who I was, and have been conveniently stuffed into box after box, none of which define me. And keeping with the law of attraction, I made a point only to list those traits that I want to manifest, refraining from writing the traits that no longer serve me.

How truthful is this list, I have to ask myself? And in embracing my authentic self, is it okay to list fears, and weaknesses? And if I do, will this only affirm them, and hold me back from fearlessness and strength?

I'm left with this...where I've been and who I was were simply states of existence, they simply "were." And now I simply "am." There need be no judgement in any of it. And today I am. I will have moments of strength and moments of weakness, fearful and fearless. And both pieces are necessary to be whole and complete. It is the duality of our feelings that make us who we are - complex and evolving, learning and growing. As one fear fades into strength, another will pop up in its place to urge us to further growth - a new lesson to learn.

And we take baby steps, finding our bliss one wobbley foot in front of the other. And humanity is all the better for it. And I am all the better for it.

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