Tuesday, November 15, 2005


It is November, but the weather gods seem to be out to play. They've forgotten that it's time for the mercury to slide down and for the winds to kick up. The temperature is stuck between 80-90 degrees every day, and the wood for my first fire sits unused in a stack. Went shopping for winter clothes, but my head wasn't in the game, with the sun so warm. Instead I treated myself to Lavender Dead Sea Salt to exfoliate during my next bath. If I'm going to show my bare feet and shoulders all year long, they may as well be smooth.

Looking forward to a little vacation - desperately needed. But my travel destination is far north, where the weather gods are awake. They have sent low temperatures and snow. I think my body will be in shock as I walk out of the airport.

Can't really remember cold - not sure if I want to. I do remember snow, and I'm hoping for heaps of it. Big beautiful flakes and icy tree branches. I'm looking forward to the glittery nights and the magic that only happens when moonlight dances on ice and snow. I want to feel the chill of red cheeks that sting, pull my hands out of warm mittens and warm my own face. I want to wrap myself in layers of wool and wear a really great jacket that only comes out of my closet a few times a year. I will drink hot coffee while I sit in a still-warm bed.

And while there is so much cold around, I am hoping to warm my heart with morning kisses and a hand to hold on long walks, leaving footprints in the snow that don't fade with the coming of spring. If the weather gods never awaken, it won't matter at all. Time can stand still and my warm heart will remain in the magic moments.

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