Friday, August 12, 2005


Today I am restless. The walls seem closer to me than yesterday and the windows not near large enough to let the outside in. I feel the need to wander into something wild and windy.

I could find a forest - seeking tangled woods, viney green and dark, a hard-to-find footpath, where another once walked, and another before him. I take off my shoes and feel the coolness of the moist ground and become grounded again - connected to blood, bone, flesh and energy - death and rebirth.

I could follow the sunset. The red rocks of the west, warm to the touch, beg me to run my hand along their rough surface. Swirling warm ochre and orange hold me captive as I walk a narrow pebbled passage between yesterday and tomorrow. A jutting rock ledge offers rest, tells ancient stories in its silence. Perched precariously over miles of nothing and space and silence, I feel the warm sun and the wind on my face.

I close my eyes and hear nothing but the sounds of Earth dancing. Limbs sway in infinite time. The rhythm of life beats in my chest. She takes my hand and we are partners in this intimate pas de deux.

In her company, the restlessness retreats into peace.

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