Friday, August 05, 2005

building castles

They stood there on the beach, laughing, the late summer sun peaking above them. The family resemblance was obvious, but it was their connectedness that clearly defined them as sisters. With ease they touched each other and whispered secrets, built castles in the sand and shared dreams.

Each plays a role, earned by years of doing. The youngest, she makes them laugh and smile. Stylish and modern, her adventurous spirit inspires. She supports and allows the others to love her. She will always be the "baby sister" though she's all grown up.

Beautiful and fragile, another is the image of her mother. Her heart easily broken, she seeks love in the most unlikely of places, and finds it when she's not looking, in the face of her own precious child.

The next is the rebel, bold and unafraid on the outside, but clinging to what is safe on the inside. She is the mysterious one, few know her heart. She guards it within strong walls built with pain. Pretty, she takes long strides through life, but comes back to center for strength and assurance.

The oldest carries their hearts in her heart. Protective, she tries to share wisdom, though she questions most every move she makes. She searches for answers around every corner and steps gingerly, choosing her path carefully. She longs to be stylish and make people laugh, to find love in the faces of her children, and to be bold and unafraid.

As they build their castles in the sand, the outside world washes away with the tide. No walls hold them in. No expectations bind them. They simply are.

The castle will be gone in the morning, washed out to sea. But in each grain of sand, the memories are held forever, and the bond built of love stands for eternity.

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