Saturday, August 27, 2005

on turning 44 and OTHER THINGS

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 44 with just a little hoopla. Though I had made plans, the universe had OTHER THINGS in mind. And it was okay somehow. I didn't fight it - I'm done with fighting each day as if it were a staunch competitor with a punishing 1-2 punch. I will follow time's river wherever it winds.

I've decided to spend my next year that way...letting myself wander and float through it. I don't want to make a plan or set a goal or find a path. And I know that with this in mind, being 44 will be okay.

I will be Pooh. When life gives me a honey jar, I will eat the honey and save the VERY USEFUL JAR I will no longer be trembling Piglet...a VERY SMALL ANIMAL. I will not be wise owl or gloomy Eeyore. When OTHER THINGS alter my course, I will accept them as gifts and lessons, and I will wink at the clever world.

It will be a year of animal medicine and getting in touch with the wild woman in me. The signs are clear. The earth calls me to the untamed. The lizards continue to show themselves, calling for detachment from old pain. They signify connecting with dreams and intuition, so I will trust myself more, and allow my truth its place in the world.

Then came the rabbits, who showed themselves first at dawn on my birthday, and again as I took Bailey on his last walk of the night. This morning, yet another appeared on the edge of a grove of trees. I asked the rabbit, "do you have a message for me?" He was still, unafraid of my leashed dog. So I will think of him today and learn rabbit lessons.

My birthday has passed, blessed by angels, and graced with animal messengers. I float and wander, and all is as it should be.

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A.S. Friedell said...

You are a magnificent writer. Your plans for the next year sound great to me! And thank you for your comments to Klothospin.