Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is for Gewels and all of my friends who just want to know...boy or girl?

"Boy" says the ultrasound, a thrilling prospect especially for his daddy, who can't stop grinning. I, being okay with either option, am just glad to know and be able to plan. So we were busy planning "boy" when Steve came home after talking to a friend who said that the ultrasound may not be too accurate give the fact that I am somewhere between 18-20 weeks along. From the beginning, I've felt "girl" and my very special friend and psychic said, "girl." And Deb and Chris said, "girl." So while the medical community is pretty sure it's a boy...we're all left wondering. Despite all of that, I did buy the most adorable outfit for him yesterday. And if it's a girl...she'll look just fine in those overalls with the cars on them.

In other news...the wedding planning is becoming a bit nerve racking. Since Steve and I did the civil ceremony already, carrying out the "other" wedding planning seems a bit much. But as so much money has been sent, and it is a chance to share the occasion with family...we're doing it. Most of the planning is done...there are fittings and a few things to buy, but the big challenge is the music! Can't find a simple violin player to save my soul. So I'm thinking CDs and I'm thinking Celtic for the ceremony. Any suggestions are welcome. We can just play other music we love for the small reception we have planned in the backyard. I do need to start compiling a list and making a few CDs for the event.

And if all this hoopla weren't enough...I'm still trying to tie up all the (unending) loose ends with my ex, who continues to be difficult. Damn. I just want all of that stuff out of my space.

And so, baby and I are planning a quiet day of work and a little shopping. I have finally found a few options in modern maternity dressing (thanks for the suggestions Gewels), and don't feel nearly as odd in my clothes. (smile here)

What a life, no?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your wedding and soon to be new arrival! I read that you were looking for music suggestions. I am not sure if you have heard panflute music. I think you might like it for your event. Very soft, natural and soothing. The group I am familiar with is Andean Fusion, but there is also Zamfir. Here is a link to Andean Fusion so you can listen to see if you like.
Congrats again!

GEWELS said...

I love boys- having had two of my own. Girls would have been fine too, but in my heart I wanted boys both times. YIPPY!!!!

How about a guitar player for the wedding instead of a violin? I am planning my son's wedding and found a fabulous guitar player. Not only does he do the traditional wedding music, but also the Spanish music that I so love.
I have one of his c.d.'s so maybe I'll rip a tune and put it on my blog so you can hear. It might be a nice option for you.

I am So-o-o-o happy for you.

Glad you're finding some cute-uh,er-I mean sophisticated maternity clothes.

Jonathan said...

boys are way better. violin would be really cool, but like you said, hard to find a player. maybe check colleges, or a good highschool senior. love ya momma