Wednesday, March 28, 2007

not just another day

Today I want to write about the regular stuff...Bush's address at the nation...having a shoe crisis...just the normal things that happen in life. I'm pretty tired of all the monumental moments...and lately, I've had plenty.

First the shoe's spring, and ususally I'm very excited to pull out all of my sandals and try them out again. This year, none seem to do. Even more discouraging, I went shopping and could only find one pair of shoes I liked. Perhaps the problem is really my toes, which haven't seen a pedicure in months. Is this life is South Dakota, where toes are covered for months at a time, and feet become tender from being wrapped in socks and shoes all winter long? I think not. I think that I was so very comfortable with my old pedicure woman, and now I can't seem to find one that I like that doesn't cost a foot and an ankle. Additionally, I'm having a pants crisis. This maternity thing has left me with only a few pair of regular pants that work. So I bought a few pairs of (dare I say) maternity jeans. They just don't work with the shoes I own. The only pair that feels right is my cowboy boots - not very spring-like. As if I need another question to ponder - what's a girl to do without her best shopping buddy. My sis is too far away to do a day at the mall. She always knows what works for me, even when I don't. And she knows when to stop for a rest, a glass of wine and Chinese food. She can never be replaced, and so I am left without sandals this spring. I am also left with ugly maternity pants. And if I'm not careful, I may live in sweats for the next five months.

Then there's today's news. For some strange reason, I listened to CNN today while I worked. I think I heard his coy and senseless cowboy comments 20 or more times. And all I can think can this guy not get it. But it's obvious he never will.
Worth mentioning...Our wedding plans were changed a bit with news of the baby...and so last Friday night, at a beautiful park at sunset, Steve and I exchanged wedding vows. Funny how it seemed so perfect after all the planning for the "other" wedding. When we first got engaged, we thought about getting married in the spring, at Palisades, in our jeans, with only a few people there. And what do you know...that's exactly what happened. Some things are just right.
Okay, so it was a monumental moment...but a beautiful one.

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GEWELS said...

Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous day (I'm sure).
Now for the shopping buddy part. I, too, miss mine. I went to buy new spring clothes on Wednesday. Mine, also, don't fit, but not for the same reasons as yours.Yikes! My "stylist" Travis is away on business so I decided to do this on my own. I bought almost a whole new wardrobe for Spring. Everything was brown. Yes, brown. No, wait, one skirt was black, otherwise brown. I had to call and leave him a voice message on the way home from the store crying that I needed my Stylist. He called back and said that he would have been no help because everything he owns is either black OR brown. Sigh. I better go buy me a pink shirt to wear with the brown skirts.
And don't even talk to me about shoes. I'm obsessed!