Friday, June 05, 2009

the next adventure

I start a new job on Monday, which will be an adventure for the entire family. Ever since I lived in South Dakota I have been working at home. Life has been flexible. While I'm excited, I'm a little anxious. I'm ready to step into the future, but reluctant to leave my old life behind, especially the part where I hear Scout wake up, get him out of bed, open the blinds and we say, "Good Morning, World." Then we cuddle for as long as it takes to feel like starting the day. We play and sing and dance and color pictures. I'm afraid this almost routine will take its new time slot on weekend mornings.

This morning was hard. Scout had his first half day of daycare on Wednesday. He did fine. This morning was his second day. Not so fine. He understands now that I will leave him for awhile, and that he's stuck at Miss Jen's. This morning he didn't want me to leave. His little bottom lip pouched out and he was on the verge of tears when I gave him a hug and walked out the door. I'm not so good with that. Intellectually I know it's good for him to be with other kids and to learn and play without Mommy. Emotionally I'm not so sure. My heart was heavy as I turned the car key in the ignition. I wanted to rescue him and tell him how I didn't want to be apart from him either. I wanted him to know that together we could get through this. But I've read the books and the articles and know that lingering makes it tougher. So I drove away.

Sitting alone now I miss his little voice and his warm little body. But time will pass quickly, and soon I will go and pick him up - and think about Monday, when I have to leave him for an entire day. Ick.

Motherhood hurts today. The house is empty and quiet, and my baby is growing up.


Anonymous said...

There are ways for you to do "your" thing and not lose out on what you and Scout have experienced till now. i still have that with my teenage son and know some few others whom have paid the price to enjoy it still with and FOR their children. It will always be rare because it costs the parent so much of what others judge as success, achievement and fulfillment. Don't believe everything you read in books or where society places value. Sorry for intruding but you have expressed an intuitive recognition of higher ground that our world ruins with its work-around ways. That intuition is a gift from Father, who loves us very much. If you make choices against it you will dull your ability to sense it. i think you have experience of what i mean there.

GEWELS said...

I'm sure you both did fine, right?

All a part of growing up- for you and Scout.

Good luck with the job- keep us posted.