Thursday, April 10, 2008

thursday morning

Girls just want to have fun...that includes me. Seems like lately the world has not been fun. Cyndi Lauper would be disappointed and so am I. I'm not sure of the problem. I've always been one to find laughter in the face of a crisis. There is no crisis, only days on end filled with lots of non-fun. Perhaps the weather has something to do with it, or the fact that I have only one friend...well, maybe two. I keep waiting for the snow to stop falling. The sky teases me one day with warm sunshine then pulls it back, dropping half a foot of snow the next. This seems unfair, though I'm starting to remember the long winters of my childhood in Ohio. And while I love the snow, April is a bit late to be waiting on a winter storm to appear from the west.

With global warming and all, I can't help but wonder just where we'll be 10 years from now. But it seems to reason that we will not be having snow in April - for this I will be thankful.

I'm so absolutely tired of the politics on television. At this point, the outcome seems predictable, so why don't we forgo spending all the money and time and just let Obama take over the presidency. If he could do it now that would be good. I remain a supporter of Hillary, but no longer believe in her ability to be nominated. So can't we just cut to the chase. The Obama fever will soon break, and Americans will complain again, always looking for the new guy to save them. And I do mean new guy, since it has become apparent that America is still not ready for a woman to run the country. In general that is. I am ready...been ready...will remain ready. Many people are not. I've heard so many men say, "She scares me." What's that? Is it that they don't know how to deal with strong women standing up for themselves and what's right? She is anything but I don't get it.

What is so not scary is my morning. The baby is happy. I'm happy. The coffee is good...and there is peace. I did clear my chakras last night and go to sleep with gratitude. Maybe it helped.


GEWELS said...

You ended on a "happy" note. So that is always good.
Maybe it's the alignment of the planets, maybe it's our ages..but, I, too, am looking for some fun. Although our weather has changed and spring is definitely here I need something else. I'm bored...with job, home, blogging and friends (who aren't really there that much anyway).
Spring is a rebirth and I need to be reborn again soon.

That baby,though lots of responsibility, will become more and more fun as the days go on. Then in their teens- not so fun. Then, more fun again. One big loopy, happy, stressful,frightening cycle.
Hang in there baby. Plan a trip to someplace warm...that's always something to look forward to.

Miss you-

Paula said...

Wow!! Finding you here is proof that the Universe will bring you to what you need. I was reading my Inspiration Peak email, clicked on a link called Perfect Imperfection, then found you here. I've been feeling disjointed/bored/restless/stuck ...SOMEthing! I have a well-paying job, my perfect partner, a home ... and yet some thing is missing. It could be that I have not journaled in over a month. But I can't bring myself to go to the page. Maybe it's just the change in the weather, as you all are noting! Anyway, I like it here and I'll be back to visit soon! Have a beautiful day!