Sunday, January 27, 2008

sunday morning

A few moments of solitude. I'd almost forgotten what that feels like. In fact, I really didn't know what to do with it at first. The baby ate then fell asleep in bed with Steve while I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee. So I left them there, not sure what to do with myself. They look peaceful, the dogs lying at their feet. I think I may shower, without listening for the baby crying.

The sun is just coming up and the world seems still. There is no wind, but snow covers the grass and sparkles just a bit as its light from falls soundlessly against it. These days I seldom enjoy the sunrise, as it is hectic with so much to do.

I've decided that today is mine. Steve has agreed to keep the baby for a few hours while I venture out into the world alone. Alone...for the second time since the baby was born. Though I do have a few hours here and there where I'm not "on," it is rare for me to leave the house without baby in tow. How I love his sweet smile and his new giggle. He lights up my world, but just as easily sends me into a tailspin when I can't comfort him or when he keeps my exhausted mind from much needed sleep. This new baby thing is such a mixed bag. And for me, time is fleeting. I want so much to give him all that he needs, and in that spirit, I tend to neglect my own.

And now it is Sunday morning, and I am alone.

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GEWELS said...

Melissa- You can't give him all that he needs, if you don't have all that you need.
A happy mommy makes for a happy baby.
So, take this time and write, read or just sit and watch them both sleep (whatever makes you happy). Or, how about instead of that shower take a really long bath.

BTW- I became a grandmother on Tuesday to a new baby boy- Greyson-unfortunately I don't know when I'll get to see him (hopefully soon)