Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14

Update: There were absolutely no notable events that I am aware of that happened on August 10th. I have stopped thinking about what the message meant as there seems to be no answer.

My trip to the doctor was unremarkable. He said all is well with his usual smile and that the baby is growing and thriving. He continues to think I should eat more often. I do what I can. I suppose my little man is happy where he is. And who wouldn't be, right. Cozy and warm he is kept out of harms way and treated to ice cream and hot fudge at night. He cuddles up and rests when he wants, sleeps when he wants, and he is obviously not feeling the pressure to emerge. I'm okay with that...I have to be. In fact, perhaps I'm a bit envious, as it would be nice to be hidden away in a womb somewhere, feeling warm and loved, and just resting.

As for other events of my life, at this stage of the game my focus is solely on having this happy, healthy baby. So there is little to report aside from an occasional cook-out and such.

Basically, without wishing my life away, I want to have the baby and be onto post-pregnancy stuff, like staying up all night, breastfeeding and changing diapers. You know you're at the ragged edge when that stuff sounds good to you, no? Just as the baby is cocooned, so am I...waiting for the day when we can fly together.


Anonymous said...

Not a minute before... nor a minute after... he will be right on time!

What I would do to hide cocooned away myself right now!!!

I pray your time will come gently and with a calm entrance inviting your wee one into this world!

I remember feeling like my first would NEVER come... two weeks over and 9 1/2 pounds... he surely did come! Wasn't too bad either. I have had much worse birth pangs with him entering adulthood than the world!

Surrounding you in love and gentle hugs! ((((<*Mer{{Mama}}}}--<)))))

Love Lion~*

Anonymous said...

Seek the once crucified, forever risen Jesus. The universe you have turned to is NOT the answer to the longing you still feel deep inside...even though the events of this last year or two (and the next month or so) have you feeling better right now. You had a seeker's heart when I knew you. Seek that which lasts Missy. The husband you have and the child you carry deserve Who He is and who you will become should you find Him; and He CAN be found-for real, not religion. Promise!

GEWELS said...

Waiting as anxiously as you are for the big day (well, maybe not quite as anxiously as you, I reckon)
Do we really have to wait until September?
You'll know it's time when you have the urge to clean the oven.
And, also, having sex will make it happen...who wants all that pounding going on above his head after all? lol.