Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wednesday again

It is a good morning. Feeling quite chilly today outside, and Buddy seems to have a wild hair this morning. He's barking like crazy and I can't figure out why. Wednesday, perhaps?

Back on the learning curve...or the relearning curve. Can't remember, even in Ohio, the air feeling quite this brisk in September. Autumn has definitely arrived, and we, like the squirrels that are so bothersome, are preparing for the winter.

Attention Walmart shoppers...get over to aisle 7 for a killer sale on plastic to cover the windows and keep out the drafts that this winter will surely bring. Hot apple cider (irradiated, of course), now being served at rock bottom prices in the produce area.

And so, we scurry about, getting ready, yet again for a change.

My SO is quite the scurrier...checking the antifreeze, putting weather stripping around the doors, and making room in the garage for the patio furniture. He knows, I suppose. Yet I am not quite there. And while intellectually I know these preparations are necessary, I prefer to think of winter as quite a ways away - not just around the corner. It just doesn't seem real. I know there is a need to get gas for the snowblower and make sure that it's running, but it seems much more practical right now to mow the lawn, which remains green and growing despite the cooler temps.

Worst of all, my winter clothes seem quite they haven't been worn much over the last 22 years. And while it sounds like quite the chore, I must go through them and toss those that I will never wear. I do plan to do some shopping this afternoon. Boots? I suppose, and some warmer socks. I have been looking for long sleeve t-shirts, but most are too "cute". With little lace necklines, and so I guess it will be long john tops under my sweaters. They're comfy and certainly serve the purpose - but do they make them in the colors I'm into these days?

I do love the way the air feels just now. And the way the breeze seems constant. My summer color has been replaced by rosy cheeks. That's fall for you. But what in the world will I do with all the geraniums that continue to bloom. Will they live if I bring them inside? Or will they wither in the artificial heat and light? What I know is that the hearty aloe on the porch will make it through the cold...I think?

And so I prepare for my first winter in the Dakotas. I can't help but to think that as long as it's warm and cozy in my heart, the rest will take care of itself.

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LionSpeaks said...

Begonias will live if you bring them in and put them in a cool darker spot. Aloe will freeze outside... find a corner or back room for it and begonias. The only thing that will take care of them outside is the FROST!!!!!! Brrrrrr!

Listen to Lion~*GreenThumbPaw ;)

I have been like the squirrels... gathering in the summer's bounty from my backyard and cramming it all into freezers, jars and fridge.

Myself... I am also gathering together harvesting a bounty of knowledge and wisdom that is upholding my heart and encouraging me to keep strengthened daily.

Snow... hope it holds off till November. Rain has been pounding my palace day and night. My winter wardrobe has been strung up in my freshly tidied up closet!
I must say... I look pretty fine this fall! Looking sleeker I am!

I miss you... I feel like I miss everyone. Been such a hectic summer... I am glad for time to slow down abit more.

Take care and may you find some mature,de-frillafied collars on clothes fit for a fine finned <*Mer}}}}--< Maiden of fancy form!

Love Lion~*SweaterWeatherPaw