Friday, July 21, 2006

the proposal

Got a proposal from my soon-to-be-ex husband yesterday... funny how you begin and end a marriage with the same thing. Like the first one, it made my heart beat faster and left me relatively speechless, but for very different reasons. The first time I was excited, thrilled even. This time I was angry, disgusted and shocked that he might believe that after 17 years of marriage I would walk away with less than I deserve. So I took last night to think about it and what I know is that there are many reasons that I got an apartment, took the dog, the daybed, and moved out. And perhaps the biggest reason of all was his selfishness. So this latest proposal should have come as no surprise. It's not the money really. The numbers don't matter as much as the principal of the thing. I did, after all, relinquish my very lifestyle to take care of him and his children, to financially support his whims, wise or foolish (the motorcycle for instance), and to live my entire life as "servant."

Okay, everyday wasn't a bad day. And some days were even joyful. But through it all I learned to keep the waters still to avoid angry outbursts and drinking binges. What he took from me was much more than my paychecks, but instead, my own sense of self. And he believes that offering me a smaller portion of what we owned together will make up for that. He's sadly mistaken. Nothing he can offer would be enough. It's taken me more than a year to find the person I was, who faded into the oak woodwork of the house on Castle Hill. And now that she's back, she won't sell herself short. Not this time. Fool me once with promises of love and I'm the sucker. I won't accept the second proposal...but only an agreement made on my terms. And this will surprise him, because he doesn't remember the person he met, who buried herself under motherhood and housekeeping. She was strong, assertive and smart...and she knew how to take care of herself. Always did, always will.

He would be shocked to know that I think he's selfish I think. Because he doesn't see it. He lives in fear and lack and can be nothing other than selfish. I, on the other hand, do my best to accept the abundance of the universe and know that there will always be more than enough.

My answer is no. I will not be her again. I will not let your proposal make me feel small or weak in the knees. I will not cower, or hide, or fade into the woodwork to keep the waters still. I feel a storm brewing. There will be thunder, lightning and strong winds. And no matter the aftermath, I will have won, stood strong, found myself again, and this is priceless.

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LionSpeaks said...

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

To thy own self be true!


All things be ready if the heart be so!

William Shaksphere

<*Mer}}}Maiden--< Integrity... to hold yourself high in authenticity and raw honesty to yourself and the rest of the world.... YES! I appaud your courageous boldness! No compromising your spirit. No cringing or keeping the boat from rocking on the waters.

SPLASH! Swim! DIVE! LEAP! Sparkle your fins in the sun! He may not like it. But you have to be YOU. No conformity to dysfunctions hook,line and stinker!!!!

He may learn something... maybe not... but you... you have! I rather appreciate your proposal to * GET REAL*... I think it is a great contract for life!

*Hands Mermaiden a glass of wine* Cheers Friend!!! TO LIFE :)

Love Lion~*CelebratingAuthenticPridePaw